Mike Hunter turns a Japanese style tea cup

January 2020

Mike returns again this year.  This time he turns a Japanese style tea cup inpired by Gato Mikio.

Plywood Bowl

October 2019

Bowl from a board

July 2019 Meeting

Wood Stabilizing

May 2019 club meeting

March Madness

March 2019 club meeting

Making a wig stand with Bill Marlow

February 2019 club meeting

Mike Hunter turns a squarish bowl

January 2019 club meeting

Hal makes a pen

November 2018 club meeting

Traditional German Smoker

October 2019 club meeting.

Carl Reynolds makes a traditional German smoker.  (incense burner) 

Training class - Saturday - 2/3/18

Our future depends on our youth's desire to learn and our desire to teach