Current DSwt bylaws

Amended April 2019




MISSION:  To celebrate the art and skill of wood-turning through education,  demonstrations, sharing of ideas and projects, public outreach, and a monthly meeting in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for people of like interest to gather and interact with one another.   HISTORY: Diamond State Wood turners was formally organized on March 24, 2011,  in Jacksonville, Arkansas as a local chapter of the American Association of Wood turners, Inc (AAW).  Diamond State Wood Turners (Chapter) expects to draw members from all cities and towns in Central Arkansas. 

ARTICLE I - OFFICES The principle meeting place of this chapter will be located at: Connection Center, First Methodist Church 308 West Main St. Jacksonville, AR 72076

ARTICLE II – RELATION OF CHAPTER TO THE CORPORATE ORGANIZATION The Diamond State Wood turners shall be a Chapter of the American Association of Wood Turners, (AAW), and shall support and participate in the activities of that organization. The 3 Executive Officers of the Chapter agree to be members in good standing of the AAW. The Chapter will encourage all members to become affiliated with the AAW. The AAW specifically disassociates itself from any debts, obligations, or encumbrances of the Chapter; the AAW and its Board of Directors shall have no legal or financial responsibility in the affairs of the (The Club) or it’s Board of Directors. While it is understood that the parent organization will provide advice and counsel, as requested, Local Chapters are advised that the nature and extent of their activities are left to their discretion.  Demonstrations, while probably part of the normal activities of Local Chapters, are to be conducted solely at the discretion of Local Officers, and all safety and instruction is to be under their explicit direction and control. The national office strongly recommends placing some sort of sign or notice on or around any lathe used for demonstration; that safety eye protection must be worn and a full face shield when needed.  Use a dust mask and wear hearing protection. The lathe is a potentially dangerous instrument only to be used with Chapter approval and supervision. The Diamond State Turners specifically disassociates itself from any debts, obligations or encumbrances of the American Association of Wood turners The Board of Directors of the Diamond State Wood turners is not responsible for the debts nor shares in the profits of the American Association of Wood turners The Diamond State  Wood turners does not shoulder any legal liability for accidents that occur during events of any kind sponsored or not sponsored by the National Organization.   
 ARTICLE III – PURPOSES The Chapter’s purposes, in addition to supporting the general purposes of the parent organization AAW, are: To provide a meeting place for local wood-turners and those interested in wood-turning; To share ideas, projects and techniques regarding this craft;   To trade woods and to exchange ideas about tools. To provide mentoring,  instruction and encouragement to new wood-turners   To encourage public outreach to advertise our craft, solicit new members and encourage interest in wood-turning though education and demonstrations.   To encourage membership in, and continued support for, the American Association of Wood Turners.  

ARTICLE I V – MEMBERSHIP and MEMBERSHIP FEES Membership in the Diamond State Wood Turners is open to any person  who has a sincere interest in woodworking and specifically wood turning and has also paid in full their annual Membership fees.   Annual membership fees will be determined by the board of directors upon approval by a simple majority vote of the Membership.  A portion of which will be used to maintain the liability insurance coverage provided by the AAW, along with the fixed cost for the building rental. Annual fees are based on a calendar year, January through December of the same year.  Fees are to be paid no later than the February regular meeting. NEW MEMBERS ONLY!  After July 1, the fee for new members will be prorated to 60% of current membership fee. Any Member who has not paid their fees in full by March 1,  will be placed on the inactive list and will lose all privileges of full membership until such time the fees are paid. 

ARTICLE V- SOUTHWEST AREA WOODTURNERS In 2013. DSWT became a participating chapter in the Southwest Area Wood-turners (SWAT).  In keeping with our goals to encourage training, DSWT will provide one(1) tuition only scholarship to a member who has NOT attended the SWAT symposium previously, provided that the cost of the scholarship does not exceed 10% of the value of the funds in the treasury. 

ARTICLE VI – MEETINGS  The Diamond State Wood Turners Chapter will meet every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM The meetings will be held at the First United Methodist Church Connection Center, 308 West Main St., Jacksonville, Arkansas unless notified in advance otherwise by the Secretary or other Officer.  A reminder notice of each meeting will be sent to each Member  one week via e-mail and/or text message before  the regularly scheduled date. Meeting procedure will be conducted by The President and any issue or dispute will be handled as defined in the bylaws. 

ARTICLE VII – EXECUTIVE BOARD   The board consists of the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY/TREASURER, PAST PRESIDENT and three(3) Member at large.  The Board handles the Chapters business and makes recommendations to the Membership at regular Chapter meetings and conducts essential business during other times. Regular meetings of the Board are held quarterly. Five (5) of the seven (7) elected board members must be present to make a quorum. Special Board meetings may be called by the President or in his/her absence or inability by the Vice-President.  All Members of the Board are to be notified of the date, time, location and agenda at least two weeks in advance of any SPECIAL MEETINGS unless a bonafide emergency arises.  On line or phone meetings may be held to conduct essential business that may arise between Regular Meetings. 

ARTICLE VIII – OFFICERS and OTHER BOARD MEMBERS Number and Duties: The Officers of this Chapter shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary/ Treasurer.  These officers shall be elected annually by a vote of the duly elected Board of directors.  All Officers agree to be Members in Good Standing with AAW.   Term of Office: Each Officer shall hold office for one calendar year from January 1 through December 31. The President shall be limited to one year in office, at the end of which he becomes Past President . After his year as Past president, he will NOT be eligible to serve on the Board for one(1) year. Removal: Any Officer, or other Board Member, elected or appointed, may be removed when it is deemed by the Membership and/or the other Board members, that the best interests of the Chapter would be served by such removal. This would be accomplished by a majority vote of the Chapter’s Members who are present at the time of the vote, so long as at least 51  percent of the Members are present and have been notified at least 10 days prior to the meeting that such a vote will be taken.   Vacancies: Except for the office of President, a vacancy in any other Office, because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification or otherwise may be filled by a majority vote of the Officers for the unexpired portion of the term.  The Vice President will fill the role of the President.   President: The President shall be the principle executive officer of the Chapter  and serves his/her term in the current calendar year. His/Her duties include but are not limited to:    1. Supervise and control all the business and affairs of the Chapter;    2. Conduct and control Chapter meetings; 3. Co-sign all checks written on the Chapter’s Bank Account in excess of of  $200.00.    4.  Entertain any motion, proposals or resolutions submitted by the Membership at any meeting.  ONLY the President or in his absence at a scheduled meeting, the Vice President, can ask for and approve any SECOND to any motion, proposal or resolution. ONLY the President or Vice President in his absence, can call for a VOTE on a properly accepted SECOND to such motion, proposal or resolution.   Vice President: In the absence of the President, or in the event of death, inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers and be subject to all restrictions upon the President. The Vice President shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President.   Secretary/Treasurer: : The Secretary/Treasurer  will  keep the minutes of the Chapter’s meetings in one or more books provided for that purpose that can be made readily available to any requesting Member.  The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain a Membership lists of all names, addresses, phone numbers and other Member contact information as may be necessary for clear and accurate communications with the Membership. The Secretary/Treasurer will collect all Membership fees and all other monies belonging to the Chapter, and will be responsible for keeping current and accurate records of all monies that flow through the Chapter on an Excel Spreadsheet and also for ensuring that all local Chapter Officers are current paid-up Members of the national organization, AAW.  The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain a Membership lists of all names, addresses, phone numbers and other Member contact information as may be necessary for clear and accurate communications with the Membership and to assure that all Members have  timely paid their annual dues.  The Secretary/Treasurer will notify the Board and any Member who has not paid their dues by the February meeting that their Membership will expire on February 28 if their dues remain unpaid. Such notice will be by e-mail and or text message. No other notice will be given.  The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain and balance on a monthly basis, all Chapter approved Bank Accounts and will Co-sign all checks in excess of $100.00 written on such accounts with the President.  The Secretary/Treasurer will see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these By-Laws. In general, the Secretary/Treasurer shall perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary/Treasurer and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President.   MEMBERS-AT-Large:  The Members-at-Large are NOT Officers. The Members-at-Large are Board Member advocates for the general membership.  It will be the Members-at Larges' primary duty to listen to the concerns and ideas of the Membership that may not be formally expressed at scheduled meetings and to bring these concerns to the Board at the scheduled Board meetings.  The Members-at-Large are voting members of the Board.   

ARTICLE IX – ELECTIONS Elections the Board of Directors will be held Annually at the regularly scheduled November Meeting. Elections will be by secret paper ballot prepared by the Secretary.  There will be NO proxy or absentee balloting allowed.  You MUST be present to vote. Elections will be for individual Board member/Director position and NOT by slate. At the October Chapter meeting, the Chairman of the Nominating committee will place in Motion for consideration those who have agreed to serve as Board Members.  The President or in his absence, the Vice President will open the floor for other Nominations of Board members.    The Secretary/treasurer will compile a list of the voted upon Nominations of all candidates and e-mail the list to all Members one week prior to the regularly scheduled meeting with a reminder of the November election date.  The Secretary will e-mail a final notice of the November election date day before the election.
 ARTICLE X – EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES Committees may be created by the Board to address specific issues.  Committee members may be from the Membership or Board as appropriate.  Progress and results are reported to the Board and as appropriate to the Membership.  Committees are disbanded by the Board. 

 ARTICLE XI – FINANCE AND LEGAL Fiscal Year: The fiscal year begins January 1 and ends December 31 of the same year.  Expenditures:- All expenditures greater than $200.00 for a single item must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Membership.  The board reserves the  right to authorize expenditures of up to $200.00  for office or shop supplies as needed to further the Chapters goals. 

ARTICLE XII – DISSOLUTION OF CHAPTER The club may be dissolved by a majority vote of the Membership or when the Membership falls below five Members. The fixed assets and inventory of the club will be auctioned off via a public auction after advertising in the state wide newspaper for two weeks.  The proceeds from the auction shall be  deposited in the club checking account and all funds sent to the American Association of Wood Turners, Inc. to be used for the Education Opportunity Grant Fund. 

ARTICLE XIII – AMENDMENTS These By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new By-Laws may be adopted by a vote of a simple majority of the paid and qualified voting Members of the Chapter casting secret  ballots, upon 30 days’ notice by the Secretary/Treasurer via e-mail with a copy of the proposed Amendments. Copies of all modifications to the By-Laws MUST be filed with the national office of AAW.  Corrections and clarifications made to these By-Laws shall not be considered as amendments.   
 Approved this eighteenth day of April,2019.